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Optogan opens light diode sales office in Turkey

26 Dec '11
St. Petersburg-based manufacturer of light diode lamps Optogan in partnership with the company Ledison Patan Ltd has opened the first sales office in Turkey, NanoNewsNet reports.

Joint work of the two partners is aimed at development and realization of energy efficient solutions of Optogan at the market of Turkey, as well as Middle East and Northern Africa. Main segments of promotion of Russia-made light diodes in these regions will be retrofit lamps, street and architecture lights, as well as internal lights for large retail spaces.

“Turkey is a link between West and East, that is why entering its market is a strategically important step in foreign expansion of our company. This country pays special attention to switching to green technologies, and we expect that in the nearest future this market will see an increase in using light diodes,” Aleksey Kovsh, the vice-president of the company Optogan, said.

“I believe that light diode lamps are among the most important technologies of the 21st century. In 2012 we plan to invest $4.2m in creation and development of distribution chain for light diode products. Cooperation with Optogan is an honor for us, because this Russian company not only possesses unique technologies and experience, but has also earned reputation as a secure partner and supplier of high-quality products,” Akhmet Patan, the director general of the company Ledison Patan Ltd.

Currently Turkey, as well as countries in Middle East and Northern Africa, import these products from Optogan’s plants in Russia and Germany. In the future the partners are considering an opportunity of localization of Optogan’s complex to assembly light diode lamps for satisfying the growing demand at these markets.
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