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Marchmont’s focus on innovation: Tomsk’s NTM and its “unique” oral care products

16 Dec '11
Oleg Kouzbit, Online News Managing Editor

We’ll take a closer look today at Tomsk’s NTM and its innovative line of dental care products. Now backed by the Russian government, the Siberian R&D and production pharma pledges within two years to retail “unparalleled toothbrushes” and other oral hygiene items. With NTM’s inaugural products already in the market and about 90% of people over 20 having parodentium problems this is a project to keep tabs on.

Word came just days ago that a Tomsk-based pharmaceutical researcher and producer, NTM (which stands in Russian for “Science, Engineering, Medicine”), had secured $680k backing from Russian Venture Company to step up its effort to develop a domestic line of pioneering dental care products, particularly next gen toothbrushes.

In a $900+k overall move, NTM is now setting up a project-specific entity, to be called Diastam, and aiming to create by late 2013 what the firm boldly refers to as “unique toothbrushes unparalleled elsewhere in the world.”

A move forward from NTM’s recent rollout of its original LED-based toothbrushes believed to have phototherapy effect, the company says it is now developing a range of new toothbrushes with several shifting cleaning segments, twin-brush products, and some others.

Operating out of China to cut LED-based toothbrush production costs, NTM wants to continue to do so with the next gen toothbrushes as well and is reportedly in talks with “two Chinese factories” over setting up new shop there. Moving production to Russia in the future is a goal, NTM executive director Anatoly Kondrashov said.

The developers say their revolutionary product line, thought to be “superior” to competitors in oral disease treatment and prevention, also includes innovative toothpastes, mouthwashes and some other items.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 80% of children and up to 90% of adults over 20 have various parodentium problems, including serious inflammatory diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis.

The innovators

Science, Engineering, Medicine (NTM) has been in Russia’s pharmaceutical R&D and production market for 20 years now. In addition to developing, making and marketing via drugstore networks its innovative oral hygiene products the Tomsk-based company has been selling its proprietary antiviral drugs.

The largest investor in NTM’s new project is the Seed Investment Fund set up last year by government-owned Russian Venture Company (RVC) and the Bortnik Fund to invest in young Russian innovative companies that have potential in the domestic and global hi-tech markets.

RVC is a $1bn ‘fund of funds’ with a mandate to raise and channel investment capital into Russia’s innovative technology start-ups and early-stage expansion projects.

Russia’s Bortnik is another government-run fund that has since 1994 been supporting small innovative companies.

Oral care that braces the immune system

NTM is promoting its new-fangled development in a market dominated for years by Procter&Gamble’s Oral-B and Blend-a-Med brands as well as Colgate-Palmolive and Glaxo SmithKline products.

In a bid to win over a fraction of what different analysts estimate to be Russia’s $900m-$1bn market for oral hygiene goods, and drawing on most recent knowledge in biotech, micro electronics and nanotech, the Tomsk-based pharma has developed a series of Longa Vita branded products that it claims help not only fight parodentium diseases but also prevent oral inflammations.

Its Magic Light toothbrush has one blue and two red LEDs that are designed to improve oral microcirculation, stimulate cell rejuvenation and normalize blood’s rheological (flow) and oxygen saturation properties while fighting inflammations and pathogenic bacteria by invigorating a user’s immune system.

At the heart of the next gen Longa Vita Magic Light technology is phototherapy, believed to be the most tissue-friendly method of oral disease prevention and treatment. Innovatively applied LED emission is said to boost human tolerance of adverse ambient impacts and bar infection.

Another NTM development is the Immuno toothpaste deploying the curative powers of chlorophyll, carotenoids and Echinacea to turn on oral cavity immunity, tackle pathogenic microflora, prevent build-up of enamel-damaging acids, and soothe inflammations and gingival hemorrhage.

As an original supplement to its new toothbrush NTM also has a toothbrush sterilizer that uses ultraviolet radiation. The UV rays are said to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and microbes.

At this RVC-backed project stage NTM has plans to both upgrade the above and extend the product line, its management said.
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