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Rosatom to set up international training center in Obninsk

5 Dec '11
State corporation Rosatom intends to set up the international center for training specialists for nuclear industry in the town of Obninsk, Kaluga region, news agency - reports.

According to Sergey Kirienko, the head of Rosatom, the state corporation intends to revive the best Soviet tradition of training foreign students. We build a lot of nuclear power stations abroad, the construction period is ten years, the station itself will operate at least 60 years, that is why we need to build strategic long-term cooperation for a hundred years ahead between trained people, Mr. Kirienko added. He is confident that todays undergrad and postgrad students will grow to form technological and managerial elite of the countries, where Russia builds nuclear stations.

As the head of nuclear sector told the journalists, in 2012 the new building of the central advanced training institute will be opened, in the nearest years the new dormitory will be built, as the number of students grows in front of our eyes, unique specialists appear in such sectors, as nuclear medicine.

There is also the National Research Nuclear University MEPHI working in Obninsk, training 136 future nuclear specialists from Jordan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Turkey and Mongolia. IN 2014 Rosatom plans to start construction of the first nuclear power station in Vietnam, thus, training of the first 100 Vietnamese students has already started in Obninsk. In 2013 Rosatom will start building a nuclear power station in Turkey, so 50 students from that country came to Obninsk in September. In the future, while the Turkish nuclear power station is being built, 50 to 100 young people will be sent to Obninsk annually for training. This year the state corporation has signed an agreement on construction of the nuclear station in Bangladesh, which will also be serviced by local specialists that will have completed training in Obninsk.
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