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RVC launches contest for innovation journalists

14 Nov '11
The Russian Venture Company is launching the Second All-Russia Contest for Mass Media “Innovations in Russia through the Eyes of Journalists – 2012”, RVC reports.

The contest “Innovations in Russia through the Eyes of Journalists” was founded by the Russian Venture Company in late 2010 in order to support and encourage journalists and mass media, covering issues of innovative development of the country, as well as to raise awareness of wide audiences to this topic. The initiative was actively supported by the national media-community, the number of participants and the contest geography showed high demand for innovative journalism.

“Without professional journalism it is almost impossible to deliver to society needed signals from the state, inform of perspectives of Russian economy, its modernization and switching to innovative way of development, provide public support to innovative processes, and, most importantly, receive efficient “feedback”. The contest has not only become the mechanism for encouraging and stimulating professional journalistic activity in the field of innovation, but also showed that innovative journalism already exists in Russia,” Igor Agamirzyan, the director general of RVC, said.

The contest welcomes professional journalists, as well as registered central and regional mass media – TV channels, radio stations, printing media, Internet-TV, Internet-media, as well as blogs, covering innovative processes in Russia. The main novelty of the Second All-Russia Contest for Mass Media “Innovations in Russia through the Eyes of Journalists – 2012” is that it welcomes to apply university media, which work in the majority of universities in the country. The contest accepts works that were published or broadcasted on TV between March 12, 2011, and March 2, 2012. The bids are accepted till March 2, 2012.

As a result of the contest, the winners are to be announced in ten main and four specialized nominations. The winners will be awarded with money bonuses and memory awards at a special ceremony.
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