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JetVenture2 set up in Togliatti, Samara region

2 Nov '11
Following seed fund JetVenture, the second seed investment fund JetVenture2, has been set up in Togliatti, Samara region, innovation and venture news source UNOVA reports citing Vadim Tarasov, the director of the digital agency Promofront, the managing partner of JetVenture2.

Accurate investment amount has yet to be disclosed, but it is tens of thousands of seed investment per project. All JetVenture2s projects are at the stage of finishing the concept.

The first prototype realization is scheduled to start in the next few days.

The JetVenture fund, set up four months ago, has also raised seed investment for its three projects: Jetka, JetCus and JetGeo.

In August 2011 a total of $100,000 was raised in Jetka. This SaaS startup has entered market and is actively developing in Russia, conquering its positions in the Ukraine, and intends to expand to other countries in CIS and further abroad in the nearest future.

Jetcus is a loyalty service for buyers and stores, replacing a stack of discount cards for buyers and a powerful method for sellers to work with buyers, has successfully entered the local market and will be scaled out in the Russian Federation.

The third project Jetgeo (geophoto) is currently undergoing the prototype development stage and will be launched in the nearest future.

The company Promofront was founded on October 12, 2004, in the city of Togliatti. The company started working under the brand interPR with promoting searching instruments. The accent was made on commercial yield of the websites and attracting clients from the Internet.
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