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Mordovia University’s become residents in Skolkovo

25 Oct '11
Joint projects of the Mordovia Republic State University named after Ogarev (MRSU) with the firms in the region have been included into the list of residents of the Skolkovo innovation center, the major innovative complex in the country, regional newspaper Stolica-S reports citing the university.

According to the MRSU, the residency certificate was given to Nikolay Merkushin, the President of Mordovia, at the business meeting with Vyacheslav Osipov, the deputy chairman of the Committee on Science and Scientific Technologies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, and Yevgeny Kablov, the chairman of the scientific and technological council of “The Technopark of Mordovia”.

Working in Skolkovo opens huge development perspectives for the university. The university realizes two projects: “Creation of the Engineering Center of Fiber Optics with Small-Series Production of Fiber Light Guides for Laser and Sensor Technology” and “Development and Implementation of Experimental-Industrial Technology of Production of Metal-Matrix Materials for Power Electronics and Transformation Technics”.

In June 2011 Stolica-S wrote that the projects participants were the Science Center of Fiber Optics of the Russian Academy of Science (RAS), the Mordovia State University, the Mordovia Technopark, Electrovypryamitel and VIAM.

The Mordovia State University was founded in October 1957 on the base of the Mordovia State Pedagogical Institute, founded in 1931. The University employs 1,655 teachers and scientists. There are 20,663 students in the University.

The Skolkovo innovations center is to become the largest testing landfill of the new economic policy in Russia. The specially allocated territory outside the Moscow city is to provide special conditions for R&D in the sectors of energy and energy efficient technologies, nuclear, space, biomedical and computer technologies.

The Skolkovo innovation center has the following five clusters: the Cluster of Biomedical Technologies, the Cluster of Information and Computer Technologies, the Cluster of Space Technologies and Telecommunications, the Cluster of Energy Efficient Technologies, the Cluster of Nuclear Technologies.
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