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Non-screen display DisplAir presents multitouch technology

20 Oct '11
The project “DisplAir - the Interactive Non-Screen Display” has developed a technology to manage non-screen display – multitouch, the Zvorykin Project (www.innovaterussia.ru) reports.

This technology by Maksim Kamanin has reportedly aroused interest from Vladimir Pirozhkov, the known Russian industrial designer, who earlier worked in Toyota and Citroen, as a future carrier of visual communications. At this time Vladimir Pirozhkov’s team is doing the expert assessment of the DisplAir innovation from the point of view of potential for using it in its industrial design projects.

As of now the main application of DisplAir is the customer-forming image feature. The interactive non-screen display helps to increase efficiency of advertising campaigns by 50%. The multitouch management of the image in the air enables opportunity to create managed menu in the air for restaurants, cafes, hotels, shops, gaming industry, mass events, such as the Olympics or Universiada. In the future, the company’s module of 3D-modelling and image stabilization will enable use of DisplAir in the educational and medical sectors.

The first demonstration of the working device was held in late September at the St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum and in early October in the Second All-Russia Forum MIC “Sistema-Sarov” – 2011.

The project is a participant of the Zvorykin Project. The goal of the Zvorykin Project is to enable young representatives of the country’s intellectual elite to realize their creative and scientific potential, achieve material success through commercialization of their ideas and inventions implementation, as well as to receive public acknowledgement. The project program presents a wide set of instruments for developing innovative inventions and bringing them to industrial realization. These include various educational programs, internships abroad, legal advice, attracting potential investors, etc.
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