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Polarnet Project to build Russian Trans-Arctic Cable System

19 Oct '11
A project to create the Russian Trans-Arctic Cable System (RUTACS) was discussed at a meeting of the Governmental commission on federal communications and technological issues of informatization, the website of the Commission on modernization and technological development of the economy of Russia reports.

The meeting was held in the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of Russia and chaired by the minister Igor Schyogolev.

Strengthening Northern borders of Russia is a strategically important task. For that, following the decision of the Safety Council, we need to develop information and communication environment in Arctic, Igor Schegolev said. He underlines that laying underwater cable communication lines is a complicated task, and public-private partnership instruments should be applied in solving it. According to the minister, the project of the Russian Trans-Arctic Cable System also has an important international component, as this cable is to link London and Tokyo.

The project is reportedly to be carried out by the company Polarnet Project. According to Ruslan Saushkin, the deputy director general of the company, construction of the underwater cable system RUTACS is scheduled to be carried out in 2013-2014 on the only undeveloped geographical route between Europe and Asia, which goes near Arctic and Far East banks of Russia. The speed of transmitting the signal is higher than that of competing projects, and the guarantee lifetime is 25 years.

Construction of the cable system RUTACS is to be held in several stages. Under the first stage, the company is to build a cable system, equipped with six pairs of fiber, for linking England, Japan, China and Russia with cable stations in Bude (England), Murmansk (Russia), Vladivostok (Russia), Anadyr (Russia) and Tokyo (Japan). Expenses under the first stage are estimated at about $860m. The second and the third stages are to see construction of branch pipes on the shores of the Russian Arctic and Far East districts, as well as construction of the land route in partnership with Transneft. Investment under each of these stages is expected to total $500m.
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