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RUSNANO and Niarmedic Plus to set up pharma JV

14 Oct '11
State-run nanotechnologies development company RUSNANO and the company Niarmedic Plus are to set up a universal GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) full-cycle complex to produce original nano-medicines, the so-called polymer medicines, RUSNANO reports.

Total investment into the project is reportedly to top $128m, including RUSNANOs contribution of $38m.

The new complex is scheduled to be launched in late 2013 in the town of Obninsk, Kaluga region.

The main product of the new company will be the KAGOCEL an over-the-counter anti-virus medicine, currently being produced at rented premises. Construction of the new complex is to result in higher production volumes of KAGOCEL and, consequently, the medicine is to strengthen its positions on the Russian and CIS markets.

KAGOCEL is a compound of the plant-origin active molecule gossypol with a nano-sized polymer. Merging a small molecule with a highly-molecular transporting polymer results in lower loss of the active substance in a patients body, prolong its effect, eliminate toxic and strengthen therapeutic effect of the medicine, defining its uniqueness. KAGOCEL causes formation in the human body of α-, β- and γ-interferon, which possess high anti-virus activity, and successfully used for treating and preventing flue, and other acute respiratory viral infections, as well as herpes-virus infection.

Since KAGOCEL was launched at the market, its sales have grown by at least 13 times and continue growing faster than growth market. The medicine is currently in top-ten best-sold medicines in the segment, and its share is constantly growing.

Anti-virus medicines make up the most dynamic developing segment of the Russian pharmaceuticals market. This project is to result in much more production of this perspective anti-virus medicine, developed by the Russian scientists, Olga Shpichko, the managing director of RUSNANO, said.
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