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Skolkovo and Far East Federal University are to cooperate

13 Sep '11
Innovation center Skolkovo and the Far East Federal University have signed a cooperation agreement, Interfax reports citing Stanislav Naumov, the vice-president of the Skolkovo fund.

Stanislav Naumov reportedly announced the news at the 5th Pacific Economic Congress, held in Vladivostok, Primorsky region.

“There is nothing bad in the fact that the Far East Federal University (FEFU) and Skolkovo will compete and fight for the best scientists, including the foreign ones. We plan cooperation, first of all, in the educational processes sector,” Stanislav Naumov said.

According to him, the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology is to offer educational programs starting on the fifth year of study and to attract bachelors from the FEFU to these programs. Besides, for Skolkovo cooperation with the FEFU gives a good chance to make self-presentation to the economies of the countries, in which the companies might become consumers of the results of science and technological activity of Skolkovo.

The Skolkovo innovations center is to become the largest testing landfill of the new economic policy in Russia. The specially allocated territory outside the Moscow city is to provide special conditions for R&D in the sectors of energy and energy efficient technologies, nuclear, space, biomedical and computer technologies.

The Far East Federal University is a large university located in Vladivostok. It unites the university, the lyceum, two colleges, choreographic college and other educational institutions. The university’s legal status is the “federal state autonomous educational institution of the higher professional education”.

The University has 24,000 undergrad students and about 500 postgraduates. Total number of students, postgraduates, PhD program students and other students participating in educational process of all forms comes in at over 41,000 people.
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