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Reshetnev ISS to open research center in Skolkovo

18 Aug '11
The “Academician M.F. Reshetnev “Information Satellite Systems“ (Reshetnev ISS) intends to open a research center in Skolkovo innovation center, innovation and venture news site UNOVA reports.

The respective agreement was signed at the international aviation and space salon MAKS-2011 in the town of Zhukovsky in Moscow region.

The center budget is estimated at $66m. Out of total funding, about $24.5m is hoped to be raised from Skolkovo in the form of grant finance.

Under plans, the center is to carry out research in the sector of development of space data transfer systems on the basis of small space vehicles, base unified onboard electronic devices, as well as technologies for creating ultra-light, temperature-stable reflectors of space vehicle antennas.

A total of 50 specialists are to work in the center.

“Doing research in Skolkovo is to enable the Reshetnev ISS is to overcome barriers, imposed by specifics of the closed administrative territories, where the company’s main production and research premises are located, as well as to attract young researchers into the inter-disciplinary scientific-research and entrepreneurial environment, and attract foreign world-class specialists,” Victor Vekselberg, the president of the Skolkovo Fund said.

Nikolay Testoedov, the general constructor and general director of the Reshetnev ISS, in his turn, noted, “Under its innovation development strategy, the Reshetnev ISS is to create a separate structure for research. For us this cooperation can become truly revolutionary in the long-term perspective.”

The JSC “Academician M.F. Reshetnev “Information Satellite Systems“ is Russia’s leading space enterprise specializing in the design, development and manufacture of high performance spacecraft and satellite systems.

The company owns the latest technology to perform a complete satellite manufacturing cycle, including mission–critical satellite testing and qualification as well as satellite–in–orbit control and support.

Information Satellite Systems has participated in more than 30 government and commercial space programs and manufactured over 50 different types of highly reliable LEO, MEO, HEO and GSO spacecraft.
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