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Northern Ossetia’s Start-1 science development program

1 Aug '11
Authorities in the Republic of Northern Ossetia have discussed the regional program “Start-1” in the sector of scientific products and technologies at a meeting in Vladikavkaz, news agency Alliance-Media reports.

The program is reportedly aimed at creating the innovative-industrual cluster in the Republic of Northern Ossetia in accordance with the North-Caucasus Federal District social and economic development strategy till 2025.

Oleg Kalayev, the Vice-Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Northern Ossetia, said at the meeting, that a total of $1.777m had been spent on the program, including $1.711m investment by a local scientific firm “BASPIK” and $660,000 regional budget funding.

In the last four years a total of $11m has been spent on development of nano-photoelectronic technologies and products, the officials said.

A wide range of innovation production is produced nowadays in the region, including products for military purposes, medicine, agricultural complex. The produced goods does not have analogues in Russia, and there is certain demand for local products from foreign partners working in the same market segment. Specifically, in August 2011 negotiations are to be held with a Turkish firm interested in the technologies.

Under the program goal indicators, by the end of 2014 the production and sales of innovative products is to reach $127m, and 1,700 new jobs are to be created, including 500 engineer positions.

Vladikavkaz Technological Center “BASPIK” is scientific, technological, industrial and innovative complex, specializing in microchannel and fiber-optic technologies. LLC VTC “BASPIK” produces: microchannel plates for night vision devices, microchannel plates for scien-tific devices, coordinate-sensitive detectors, secondary-emission multipliers and another electronic industry production. The staff of LLC VTC “BASPIK” is more than 300 people. Among them: leading scientists and engineers in Russia specializing in development and production of microchannel plates and highly qualified workers.
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