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Skolkovo resident moves from hybrid locomotive idea to prototype

4 Jul '11
Center of Innovation Development Sinara Transport Machines is to give start to a project to make a development prototype of the shunting locomotive with hybrid power unit TEM9 at Sinara Groups Kaluga region-based Lyudinovsky Locomotive Plant, the Skolkovo innovation centers Development Fund website i-gorod.com reports.

The unit development project has reportedly been supported by the Skolkovo Fund and the Commission on the Russian Economy Modernization and Technological Development under the RF President.

The Center of Innovation Development STM was one of the first 14 Skolkovo participants, registered in December 2010. The resident was included into the Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving cluster within Skolkovo.

News agency RIA Novosti reports citing Ekaterina Dyachenko, the head of the Skolkovo energy efficiency cluster, In six months the company has fulfilled all its obligations and is ready to show the result. We are hoping that in the next six months the hybrid locomotive prototype is to ready for testing.

According to Ms. Dyachenko, the Center of Innovation Development STM example shows how the project goes from the idea stage to the prototype stage.

The project has already been approved by the Russian Railways science and technology board.

TEM9 Sinara-Hybrid locomotives ensure 40% saving of energy resources and over 50% cut in polluting substances discharge, as well as significantly lower maintenance cost.

Ekaterinburg-based Center of Innovation Development STM was founded by the Sinara Group jointly with Sinara Transport Machines company for developing new generation locomotive and power unit models. Currently the company is developing energy-efficient shunting diesel locomotives with hybrid driving gear. Under plans, in the future the Center is to develop a series of new-generation gas and diesel engines possessing resource-saving features and meeting world ecological standards.
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