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Eco-product developers from Urals go global

3 Aug '21
Three Ural enterprises have already become holders of certificates confirming the environmental friendliness and innovativeness of their products.

The products of BioMikrogel, a resident of Skolkovo and the high-tech technopark of the Sverdlovsk region, are well known to environmentally oriented consumers. Detergents and cleaners based on microgels of natural polysaccharides are safe for both humans and the environment - even food dyes are used in them.

The safety of BioMicrogels products has been confirmed by experts from reputable environmental protection organizations, including the World Wildlife Fund, which approved the placement of its logo on the company's products. Currently, environmentally friendly products manufactured in the Urals are supplied to Australia, Brazil, the USA, Europe and South Asia.
Today, innovation and concern for the environment are at the forefront of consumer culture. It is important for us to have documentary evidence of both environmental friendliness and innovativeness of our products. The certificate of conformity increases customer confidence in it, said Oksana David, Head of the Certification and Development Department.
Isollat ​​thermal insulation coatings from Special Technologies - another resident of the high technology technopark.

The scope of application of high-quality insulating materials is extensive: from pipeline insulation in residential apartments to providing comprehensive thermal insulation and fire protection at nuclear power plants. Thus, the Ural Isollat ​​is used for fire protection of metal structures at the Akkuyu nuclear power plant, which is currently being built in Turkey. The geography of Isollat ​​application is constantly expanding - these are the countries of the EAEU, the Persian Gulf, the Middle and Far East, South Africa, and the European Union.

Confirmation of the high ecological qualities of the products manufactured by Special Technologies was the receipt by the company of the eco-label Leaf of Life - the Russian ecological certificate according to the international standard ISO 14024. The company believes that the certificate helps its promotion to international sales markets.

The Regional Center for Regulatory and Technical Support for Innovations of the Ural Federal District and the Federal Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs helped both companies to pass the green certification.
Today, when some unscrupulous market participants speculate on the topic of ecology, it is important for consumers to figure out who really produces innovative and sustainable products. Green certification of products is one of the forms of support for such companies, commented Vitaly Balanchuk, head of the Regional Center for Normative and Technical Support for Innovations in the Ural Federal District.
There is another green certificate holder in the Sverdlovsk Region - the developer of the residential complex Klever-Park. The complex is the first in the country to be certified according to the Green Standards in the Nanoindustry.
It was an interesting job. So far, this is the only developer in our region who has voluntarily passed the green certification together with us and the experts of the Fund, said Vitaly Balanchuk.
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