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Russian robot successfully passes probation in Arab Emirates police

20 Jul '21
The Russian robot policeman Promobot has successfully passed a probationary period for a year in Abu Dhabi, a representative of Promobot said. The device began operating in the capital of the United Arab Emirates last June.
“After a year of his work, the police management decided to officially include the robot in the “employees” of the facility and further extend this experience to other regions of the UAE,” the developers noted.
A project is currently being developed to use such robots in police departments in Dubai, as well as in the northern emirates of Sharjahi Ajman.

The duties of the device include patrolling, video surveillance of police officers and visitors, temperature measurement and law enforcement.

The robot can communicate in English and Arabic. In addition, its creators, together with the UAE police, have developed a special linguistic base that contains several thousand questions and answers, as well as a face recognition system.

“Promobot” “knows by sight” all law enforcement officers, visitors and wanted criminals. The device is equipped with obstacle sensors and a non-contact thermometer, so it can move freely, patrol objects and monitor the temperature of police officers and visitors.

According to the executive director of the Abu Dhabi police, Suhel al-Khaili, during the year the police tested and finalized all android systems, as well as integrated it into the infrastructure of the site, and were satisfied with the result.
“The robot really helps take the burden off police officers from routine patrol work and helps limit human contact during the COVID-19 pandemic,” al-Khaili said.
According to Oleg Kivokurtsev, Development Director of Promobot, the device does not make so-called human error mistakes - it does not get tired, does not be rude to visitors, is not late for work and never makes mistakes.

Russian robots have already become famous in the Arabian Peninsula. Robots from Perm can be found in the Dubai Mall - one of the largest shopping centers in the world, the National Bank of Oman, a network of clinics in Kuwait and schools in Saudi Arabia.
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