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Seaweeds to purify lakes and rivers?

21 Oct '20
Water bloom in many reservoirs of the Samara region has become a real environmental problem in recent years: fish disappear from lakes and rivers, rare species of freshwater species die, whole biosystems are destabilized.

The resident of the Zhigulevskaya Dolina Technopark, LLC PHARMKOMPLEKT, has found a simple way to clean water bodies using microalgae. The company has launched biological treatment of the Rodnichok Nadezhda Lake in the Sovetsky District of Samara.

A small reservoir has always been a small decoration of the square. Many fish, ducks and even freshwater turtles lived here. But literally a couple of years ago, everything began to change not for the better: the water became noticeably cloudy, an unpleasant odor appeared, the flora and fauna of the reservoir thinned out.

Rustam Irtuganov, Deputy General Director of Pharmkomplekt, spoke in more detail about the technology:
“The so-called cyanobacteria are to blame, as they consume muddy bottom sediments and oxygen, which leads to the destruction of the lake's ecosystem. Then, in agreement with the Department of Municipal Economy and Ecology, we decided to carry out biological treatment of the reservoir free of charge. We have introduced beneficial microalgae into the lake, which dominate and displace cyanobacteria. The water is saturated with oxygen, becomes transparent, stops blooming and smelling. ”
The cleaning procedure began in mid-June and by the end of August a significant improvement in water quality was recorded - flowering stopped. Photo reports and laboratory reports were provided by the specialists of PHARMKOMPLEKT LLC to the Department of Municipal Economy and Ecology of Samara.
“The process of biological rehabilitation of a reservoir can take up to four years, so next year we intend to continue this work in order to finally remove cyanobacteria from the lake. When the ice melts in the spring, water samples will be sent to the laboratory. Let's see the dynamics, add more microalgae. If the water does not bloom, then it may be possible to do without mechanical cleaning of the bottom. Otherwise, we will think over options to bring the rehabilitation process to the end,” Rustam Irtuganov emphasized.
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