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The Russian manufacturer of prostheses enters the European market

28 May '20
Motorika, a functional resident of the upper limbs, a resident of the Skolkovo Foundation, received the CE mark on all of its products. This means that the prostheses comply with the essential requirements of EU directives and European Union standards. Now the company has opened the road to the European market.

This year, Motorika plans to make one-off deliveries to EU countries, the company informed “Since 2021 we plan to bring the entire line of our products - from traction prostheses to bionic ones. This year we will conduct market research, seek partners, and carry out other preparatory steps. In 2021, we are planning a full-scale entry into the EU, since the conditions and requirements for entering the market there are completely different, ”a company representative told

People who use Motorika products live in 12 countries, but all of them had a prosthetics operation in Russia. The company operates with such data: in the world less than 30% of people with amputations use prostheses. In 2025, the global market for upper limb prostheses will be $ 2.3 billion.

As for Europe, there are more than 80 thousand people with a need for prosthetics (for example, in Germany there are about 25 thousand people with amputations of the upper extremities and their number increases by 3.5% every year). In developed markets, prostheses are used by up to 60% of people who need prosthetics, 20% of them are bionic.

The coronavirus pandemic has made some adjustments to the activities of Motorika. The company belongs to medical organizations that ensure the continuity of production and technical activities, so the work did not stop.
“Our employees, observing all safety precautions, continue to issue prostheses and carry out repair work, albeit in a limited mode, trying to comply with the previously agreed deadlines, noted in Motorika. - To prevent the incidence of working production personnel, general measures are taken: temperature measurement, provision of PPE, antiseptics; use of public transport is excluded. Other departments are transferred to remote operation.

Motorika continues, as before, to remotely accept applications and advise on all matters of interest - from taking measurements to preparing the necessary documents to receive compensation. We have conducted a series of webinars for our partners, future users and doctors.

Over the entire period of self-isolation, one case of COVID19 infection was recorded among company employees (this employee has already recovered, he had no serious complications). Another employee has a relative who is sick. In both cases, people work remotely, outside the company’s office.

The main problem that we encountered during this period was the increase in the duration of the transaction. Patients have problems with going through the stages of medical procedures and resolving bureaucratic issues. Solutions have already been worked out, and we are actively promoting their implementation. We also actively introduce models of partners working with patients remotely and training production staff on working with our technologies. Despite deviations from the sales and production plan in April, there are plans with corrective measures to achieve the plan for the next 3.5 months and before the end of the year.

Of course, the production time for components has increased, since manufacturers went on non-working days in April and May. In the future, the terms should be reduced to the previous / planned.

An adjustment has also been made to the shipping plan associated with the suspension of direct prosthetics in April-May. We expect recovery after removal of restrictions on movement.

If logistics in the Russian Federation works, then in the international there are significant delays in import-export deliveries (India is in quarantine; the UK has not sent scanners for 2 months), ”said a company representative.
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