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Forum 'Russia - Africa' (Sochi)

19 Nov '19
The all-Russian public organization 'Investment Russia' has become an official partner of the Republic of Mauritius. At the last Russia-Africa forum, a cooperation agreement was signed. Our organization acts as a conductor of the interests of Russian business in Africa.

What does this give Russian companies:
- Comprehensive support at all levels (business, government, etc.);
- Reduction of tax and customs payments;
- Solving the issue of transfer and receipt of funds.

Within the framework of the forum, an agreement was reached with Gabon and the Democratic Republic of the Congo on signing cooperation agreements. Negotiations are ongoing with other African countries.

Investment Russia is a reliable and correct channel of communication with African countries on investment and trade issues for Russian companies.

We can help Russian business:
- Conduct market analytics and draw up a roadmap on activity in Africa (where to start, where and how to move);
- Organize trips and acquaintances at the highest level, with business and government;
- Help in opening a representative office or joint venture, represent your interests there;
- Assist in security matters.

We will be happy to assist in your company entering the African markets.
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