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Siberians harness sunlight to obtain hydrogen

18 Feb '21
The Institute of Catalysis in Novosibirsk announced its researchers are working on new technology enabling sunlight-assisted hydrogen production. Hydrogen is considered one of the most promising and eco-friendly energy sources.

The photocatalyst the Siberian chemists are developing is a mixture of cadmium sulfide and manganese. This is the key trigger in the reaction, the team said. All the catalyst requires to start acting is sunlight. A series of chemical transformations then follows to produce hydrogen.

Quantum efficiency (QE) is the most essential parameter in the process, showing a ratio between the number of light quanta absorbed and the number of hydrogen molecules generated instead. In our process, QE reaches 25-30%, a fairly high value, said Dr. Ekaterina Kozlova of the Institute of Catalysis.

A parallel objective the researchers are pursuing in this project is looking for ways of converting carbon dioxide into valuable organic substances required in an array of chemical processes an effort that in long-term prospects could help lower carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere, thus contributing to the global fight against greenhouse gas emissions.
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18 Feb '21 | Technology & innovation | Energy, utilities
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