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Scientists offer solution to blood circulation problems

1 Feb '19
Scientists at the Institute of Biology in the northwestern Russian region of Komi and their colleagues in Tomsk, in Siberia, have developed a pharmacological substance that is likely to become the basis of a new drug candidate to treat blood circulation disorders. The recently patented substance is called “Dibornol”.

Their product shows “antioxidative, hemorrheological, antithrombogenic, neuroprotective and retina-protective activities, thus improving the properties of blood and increasing cerebral blood flow for effective treatment of patients with chronic blood circulation disorders,” said Academician Alexander Kuchin, a professor and the leader of the research team that worked on the substance for more than 10 years.

Three-year preclinical trials conducted in partnership with the Institute of Pharmacology and Regenerative Medicine in Tomsk have led the team to believe that “there’s no analog in the global pharmaceutical market to match the combination of the new drug candidate’s useful properties.”

The Dibornol is a semi-synthetic substance derived from natural raw material (turpentine components).

Clinical trial phase testing is expected to take between five and seven years.
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Locations: Komi; Tomsk

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