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New biometric solution for safety at stadiums and other facilities

30 Jul '15
Vocord, a Russian IT developer and Skolkovo Technopark resident outside Moscow, has developed and is already introducing to the market its biometric face recognition system called Vocord FaceControl, the Skolkovo Foundation website announced.

Vocord FaceControl, is a hardware and software complex which, in addition to software, includes Vocord NetCam4 video cameras specifically designed for use in biometric recognition. The cameras are said to be able to automatically capture, photograph and archive the faces of visitors. The images are then processed for possible match with images in reference face databases as well as with databases run by the police or federal security agencies.

The system is being installed at the Arena Omsk ice sports palace, Skolkovo said. Vocord will be monitoring security issues at one of the largest multifunctional sports facilities in Siberia with a capacity of more than 10,000 sports fans.

The problem of ensuring safety at Russian stadiums is a burning issue today, Vocord CEO Timur Vekilov said.

Using Vocord FaceControl may help the administration of a stadium to put together a database of the pictures of fans, blacklist wrongdoers, and prepare numerical stats to reflect the number of visitors. The system is also said to be technologically compatible with access monitoring and control systems and ticketing facilities at stadiums.

The Vocord FaceControl technology is reported to be in demand at other facilities as well. For example, this past March the developer announced first results of using the system at a shopping mall in Kaliningrad, in Northwest Russia, owned by Baucenter, a large DIY format retail chain. Following the introduction of the face detection system the number of offenders apprehended at the shopping mall nearly doubled, the source said.

The company is also said to be actively marketing its road traffic control solutions Vocord Traffic and Vocord Cyclops.

Vocord focuses on Russia and the former Soviet Union markets, but has recently unveiled plans for further international expansion.
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