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Tomsk Polytechnic launches web-based catalog of innovation solutions

21 Jan '14
Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) in Siberia announced last week the launch of its new web-based catalog,, describing the universityís best innovation projects and providing contact information about the developers. This is a bilingual website, with all the main project data fully available in English as well.

As of today, the new website highlights about a hundred projects in various fields, and the list will be updated and augmented on a regular basis, TPU promises.

The catalog contains what TPU considers its scientistsí most advanced innovation solutions. They are structured and featured using a user-friendly interface.

Each solution page on the website has visualization functionality and offers a concise, yet fairly exhaustive summary explaining what goals the project pursues, what technical characteristics and specific competitive advantages are, and what the current status of project development is.

Using sophisticated interactive functionality one can contact the developers of each of the projects listed. Customers, both current and potential, can not only familiarize themselves with existing projects but also fill out an online form to request research that they specifically need.

The solutions listed on the new website cover eight research areas, including biotechnology and medical instruments; rational use of natural resources; IT and instrument making; surface modification and new materials; nondestructive inspection; water purification; energy and energy saving; and mechanical engineering.

In addition, offers users TPUís plans for participation in technology exhibitions and contact information for TPU spin-off companies, and also enables people to establish business relationships with the Siberian universityís leading scientists.

The TPU department behind the initiative is its Tech Transfer Center, an intermediary between university developers and potential customers.

According to the Tech Transfer Center, the new website is pursuing a dual goal of promoting TPU researchersí products across the globe and also helping the developers themselves. TPU scientists can tap into the opportunities that offers to get help in pushing their projects, doing marketing studies, and developing their innovation businesses.
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