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Bio Eco develops non-toxic bioglues for bio-chipboards

5 Dec '11
With support from the Tomsk Center for VC Investing Tomsks Bio Eco is developing innovative non-toxic glue to replace harmful formaldehyde resin in wood particle board production, portal Innovus Tomsk Innovation Forum reports, citing Bio Eco CEO Irina Belikova.

The project reportedly aims at developing a family of brand new eco-friendly and inexpensive bioglues and bioboards (pressed wood particle mixtures that use the bioglues). As raw material the new products will use wastes from food processing (distilleries, breweries or dairies).

We have been working on the project for five months now and will take another year to fine-tune the technology. The Tomsk Center for VC Investing has put up $400k to bring the research to this point, Ms. Belikova said.

The company is reportedly seeking a patent for its development.

Upon completion of the research stage Bio Eco is hoping to find an investor and build a bioboard factory, she added.

Bio Eco focuses on the development of adhesive mixtures (bioglues) using microbial polysaccharides and modified products of microbiological and food processing.

The Tomsk Center for VC Investing is a Venture Partner of Russian Venture Companys Seed Investment Fund.
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