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TPU to model accidents in energy supply systems in oil and gas regions

28 Sep '11
Tomsk Polytechnical University (TPU) is to create a complex for modeling operations of electricity supply systems, including accident systems, in oil and gas mining regions, reports citing Almaz Sulaymanov, the head of the science department of the Energy Institute of the TPU.

The complex is reportedly to ensure development of accident prevention methods and improvement of energy efficiency.

Under plans, the project is to be carried out under the operations of the R&D Center “Smart Energy Systems”, founded in 2011 by the TPU and the Melentyev Institute of Energy Systems of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Science (Sb RAS), located in Irkutsk. Soon the Center is expected to receive the status of Skolkovo residents.

“Electrical energy systems are a live organism which continuously produces, supplies and consumes electricity. In order to improve safety of the systems, they need to be studied. It is impossible to do experiments on operating systems. We have developed a complex, that models operation of electrical energy systems in oil and gas districts. The complex can model accidents in the systems and find ways to prevent them,” Mr.Sulaymanov said.

According to a source in the TPU, the project “Development of the All-Mode Modelling Real Time Complex of Electricity Energy Supply Systems in Oil and Gas Mining Districts” has become a laureate of the contest of R&D projects, held by TNK-BP and the Skolkovo Fund.

“The main consumers of the modeling complex will be energy companies in Russia and abroad. The project is expected to be financed by the Skolkovo Fund’s money, allocated to the “Smart Energy Systems” Center. The approximate funding is $250,000. The specific amount has yet to be defined,” Mr. Sulaymanov added.

He also noted that “there are no analogues of the Tomsk invention anywhere in the world”.
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