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Rosatom supports idea of nuclear cluster in Tomsk region

15 Sep '11
Sergey Kirienko, the head of state corporation Rosatom, has supported an idea of Victor Kress, the Governor of Tomsk region, to create a nuclear cluster in the region and the third field of the Tomsk special economic zone in the closed administrative territory of Seversk, innovation and venture news site UNOVA reports.

Considering that we have a science town in Seversk, which at the time was formed for locating high technologies, we agreed with the Governor that with joint efforts we will try to put there the third field of the science and technology SEZ, operating here, in Tomsk, Sergey Kirienko said during his business trip to Tomsk.

He also said that a work on a number of military programs would be completed at the Siberian Chemical Plant. Rosatom plans to organize new innovative complexes in Seversk.

We plan to move their a number of production complexes these are high-technology innovative complexes that will be provided with a rather large state contract on science. That is why we are starting to hold meetings with Universities. We started our program here not from a visit to the Siberian Chemical Plant, but with the visit to the Tomsk Polytechnic University and meeting the rector, because opportunities of including colossal potential of the Tomsk science depends a lot on success of programs realization in the Siberian Chemical Plant as well, Mr. Kirienko added.

The State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM incorporates more than 250 enterprises and scientific institutions, including all civil nuclear companies of Russia, nuclear weapons complexs facilities, research organizations and the worlds only nuclear-propelled fleet. ROSATOM is the largest utility in Russia which produces more than 40 % of electricity in the countrys European part.
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