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NPI SB RAS’ Super c/tau Factory enlisted in “megascience” projects

5 Jul '11
The project of the Nuclear Physics Institute of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Science (NPI SB RAS) “Accelerating complex with colliding electron-positron beams – Super c/tau Factory” has been included in the list of six projects at the meeting on development of national research infrastructure based on large science complexes – “megascience”, to be recommended to the Government Commission on High Technology and Innovation, Nezavisimoye Informatsionnoye Agentstvo (Independent Information Agency) reports.

The work on the Super c/tau Factory project with record beams intensity has reportedly been undergoing in the NPI SB RAS for several years.

High interest to the Super c/tau Factory project is first of all explained with outstanding results achieved at the b-factories in the labs KEK in Japan and SLAC in the USA with active involvement of the NPI SB RAS physicists, as well as Super b-Factories projects in Italy and Japan. Physical programs of the Super c/tau Factory and the Super b-Factory are interrelated and mutually-complimentary.

Secondly, growing interest to creation of the first next-generation Super c/tau Factory has been caused by discovering the brand new method of beams clashing in the electron-positron collider which allows to raise luminosity by two ranges in comparison to existing factories without significant increase of the beams intensity and the complex size or any decrease the beam length.

Finally and importantly, the beams parameters in the Super c/tau Factory allow to efficiently use it as a source of the highly-bright synchrotron radiation that can result in setting up a modern inter-disciplinary instrument for carrying out research on wide spectrum of science fields – from biology and medicine to nanotechnologies – at the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Science.

Super c/tau Factory project has been included in the SB RAS development concept by 2025.

The meeting of the Government Commission on High Technology and Innovation on the issue of building “megascience” complexes in Russia is expected to be held in early July.
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