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Zheleznogorsk Mining&Chemical Factory gets two patents

19 Apr '11
Rosatom’s Mining and Chemical Factory, based in Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsk region, has received two patents on its inventions, the company reports.

Specifically, Rospatent has reportedly issued a patent on the new technology to process spent nuclear fuel which allows to lower high-level waste during processing, invented by the company’s specialists.

The invention is about lowering high-level waste – refined oil from extraction processing of spent nuclear fuel – through partial or full inclusion into the cycle and using waste at the SNF dissolving stage.

The invention is expected to be implemented at the factory’s experiment and demonstration center.

The second patent was registered for invention of the counter-current continuous extractor which is to be used for extraction of valuable components from solid materials with dissolved gases.

Under plans, the technology is to result in lower operating costs on materials processing through lower dissolved gas losses and smaller equipment size, as well as to increase production output.

The invention is expected to be used by organizations, engaged in processing plant and mineral raw materials.
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