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New Alzheimer’s solution believed to “completely regenerate brain”

3 Dec '21
Researchers in St. Petersburg have come up with what they say is an “effectual” drug candidate to treat Alzheimer’s related degenerative cerebral dysfunctions, Academician Prof. Vladimir Khavinson who heads the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology and is a chief research fellow at the Pavlov Institute of Physiology was quoted by Russia’s RIA Novosti as saying.

The team experimented with Alzheimer’s mouse models, the scientist said. The group found out that using special peptides could help prevent and even reverse in the test mice’s brains the loss of what physiologists refer to as dendritic spines – special postsynaptic structures that are responsible for memory mechanisms and particularly involved in forming new memories – thus having cerebral functions fully restored. So, according to Prof. Khavinson, the experiment resulted in “…in fact, complete regeneration of the testees’ neural network” – something that has never been reported internationally before, he added.

The peptide candidate is considered “unique” and safe as no side effects have been reported.

You can familiarize yourselves with research results as of earlier this year in English in Pharmaceuticals.

According to Prof. Khavinson, the research has taken eight years and is now “nearing completion of preclinical trials.” Next year the team will continue animal tests, and starting 2023, provided that the Russian Ministry of Health Care approves it, the first phase of clinical trials may begin.
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