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Clothing to be made remotely in new Cyber-salon?

15 Oct '21
The Rostov Regional Agency for Entrepreneurship Support together with the St. Petersburg Institute for Fashion Development Beinopen and a group of entrepreneurs presented a program for the modernization of the fashion business. Within the program, the launch of a pilot project called Cyber-salon is planned.

It consists in creating a single platform on which designers can place 3D models of their things, and users can try on any of them on their personal avatar. Avatar creation will be possible with 3D body scanners, a National Technology Initiative's WearNet market project. The selected model of clothing can be modified according to your own taste, after which it will be sent for sewing to one of the factories connected to the cyber-atelier system.

Another proposal concerns the launch of the My Business x WearNet service on the basis of the My Business centers in the Rostov region. It is planned that it will work on the principle of a one-stop shop and process requests from local businesses to find counterparties, help in solving specific business problems, advise, accompany transactions and record the level of satisfaction with contractors. It is also planned to conduct educational programs for representatives of the creative industry, in particular the Accelerator in the direction of marketing storytelling, a design hackathon to create urban merchandise and a series of city events promoting local brands.

The ideologist of the project, a participant of the Wearnet NTI market, Aleksey Bazhenov, noted that the fashion market needs to prepare for a serious transformation of the fashion market.
The new market, which can grow in place of the traditional one, will be based on the use of artificial intelligence technologies, big data, new, more environmentally friendly production methods, he stressed.
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