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CZPU applied gas-flame spraying equipment for Ammofos

19 Jun '12
Perm region-based Center of Protective Coating – Ural (CZPU) has performed metallization of surfaces of sulfuric acid manufacturing equipment for phosphorus-containing fertilizers manufacturer Ammofos, based in Cherepovets, Vologda region, RusNanoNet reports.

CZPU has applied aluminum coating using gas-flame spraying method. With gas-flame spraying a material is melted and moved with compressed air on product surface forming a coating.

The technologies are used for applying anti-corrosion coating and restoring outworn metal structures. Metallized coating lasts about 50 years.

In 2011 CZPU already performed gas-flame spraying of similar equipment for Ammofos.

“Companies that plan long-term business development need their production equipment to last longer and operate efficiently. Modern spraying methods for strengthening and restoring surfaces provide up to 50 years protection from corrosion and aggressive environments,” said Aleksander Polushin, director of CZPU.
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