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Speech Technology Center gets Skolkovo residency

20 Jul '11
STC-Innovations, a subsidiary firm of St. Petersburg-based Speech Technology Center (STC), has received a status of participant in Skolkovo innovation center, ITAR-TASS reports citing Mikhail Khitrov, the STC general director.

“The biometrics market is currently undergoing the stage of fast growth,” Mr. Khitrov underlined. He believes the speech biometrics to be “one of the most important elements in the process of creation human-machine interfaces”. It can bring safety of companies, as well as whole countries, to a new quality level through “not only discovering, but also preventing unlawful, criminal and dangerous acts,” Mr. Khitrov is convinced.

“The key business of the new Skolkovo resident is to create multimodal biometric systems used in state and corporate safety, as well as telecommunications,” he said. Such systems are based on identification technology that enables to establish a person’s identity through his individual physiological evidence, such as the voice. Thus, identity of a criminal, suspect or any other target person, can be established through analysis of audio recordings, for example, telephone conversations, photographs or video materials obtained at the crime site. Additional identification modules can also be engaged. Those include finger prints, iris and others. The system, unique in scale and functionality, can storage multi-million biometric data bases with samples of voices, photo images and other data, Mr. Khitrov specified.

The Speech Technology Center was founded in 1990 in St. Petersburg. In 21 years of existence it has become the absolute leader in Russia and significant global player at the speech technology markets. The company is the leading developer of systems in the sectors of high-quality audio recording, processing, analysis, synthesis and recognition of speech.
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