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SK REGIONS (Moscow, January 28, 2020)

The event will bring together on its site professionals in the design of spaces for innovative activity, urbanists and architects with in-depth knowledge of how to make the space comfortable and built into the existing urban environment, representatives of government bodies that make decisions regarding the directions of development and support of the innovative ecosystem, as well as investors, developers and directly high-tech business.

Sustainable development of the territory is impossible without creating points of attraction that can accumulate innovative activity and give impetus to the development of the technological business. Similar objects of the innovation system are technology transfer centers, innovation and technology centers, business incubators, clusters, coworking, technology parks. A working example of this infrastructure is Skolkovo, which over 10 years has become a backbone of the Russian innovation environment and an international platform for the exchange of the most advanced ideas.

The event will discuss the following issues:
- What should be the space where the innovative future of the country will be formed?
- How to create economically strong and dynamic centers of attraction for human capital, new technologies, expertise and investments?
- What conditions are necessary for the formation of new local growth points?
- What are the socio-economic effects of creating a new or developing an existing innovative infrastructure on ecosystem participants, a city, a region, a country?
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