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HSE Business Incubator promotes its Iron-Clad Entrepreneur

8 Feb '12
Source: the Higher School of Economics’ Business Incubator

The Higher School of Economics is continuing through May its Iron-Clad Entrepreneur business game. The event offers participants a ‘self-test’ for entrepreneurship skills, training in how to present a project to investors, and an opportunity to start real business projects.

The game began last October and continues through May. Moscow, Perm, Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Rostov-on-Don, Karaganda, Novosibirsk, Samara and other Russian and CIS cities host the event. The business game is open for all who wish.

Iron-Clad Entrepreneur offers a chance to take just half a day to:

- try an ‘entrepreneur suit’ on—and no risk involved;

- get to know interesting people;

- improve your teambuilding skills, learn how to present projects to investors, and get trained in other important things.

The winning teams will be invited to participate in the final stage scheduled for May in Moscow. For program details, cities and dates please visit the game website or read newsletters by the HSE’s Business Incubator.

What Iron-Clad Entrepreneur is all about

Participants are brought together in teams of four-to-five people and asked to develop a business idea that utilizes innovative technology. Each team is expected to suggest as many applications for a specific technology as possible, and then pick what the team thinks is the most commercially viable use. Upon choosing one the participants develop a business model, evaluate a prospective market, identify customers, determine product promotion strategies, and prepare a PowerPoint presentation. They are only given one hour to cope with the task! Then each team takes turns and presents its business ideas in a three-minute elevator pitch format to an expert panel that picks the best groups. The first winner goes to the final lap.