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Artificial intelligence helps doctors make quality decisions

10 Feb '21
Scientists in St. Petersburg are working on a new artificial intelligence system to support physicians. The solution is expected to help doctors analyze mucous membranes in human organs. With the system physicians will be able to perform mass screening studies and dramatically improve examination of patients who live in far-flung regions where there’s little or no high-tech medical equipment. The new AI comes from researchers at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) who’ve teamed up with colleagues from the local Almazov National Medical Research.

The collaborative team has recently published the current results of the research in one of the world’s most prestigious medical journals, International Journal of Gynecologic Cancer.

The St. Pete artificial intelligence is aimed at aiding physicians in identifying an array of diagnostic states of an organ.

“One of the key advantages of our system is the possibility to fully automate diagnostics during mass screening examinations. With the system, no subjective assessment of a medical image will be possible, thus excluding the human error factor. Our AI also enables high-quality medical consultations for people in remote and hard-to-reach areas,” said Elena Velichko of SPbPU’s Higher School of Applied Physics and Space Technologies.

The scientists do full analysis of an image and then mathematically describe various parameters.

“In the system, we apply deep neural networks that keep learning and evolve to isolate and classify pathologies on endoscopic images. The algorithms identify suspicious areas and show the probability of developing various pathologies,” added Vitaly Pavlov, Ms. Velichko’s colleague at the university.