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Smart video camera prevents accidents

27 Oct '21
A Skolkovo resident from Vladivostok brought a breakthrough solution to the car video camera market. The device monitors the situation on the road and warns the driver about dangerous situations fraught with accidents.

Ronda Software, registered in Vladivostok, announced the release of a platform for the accelerated development of car cameras with a built-in driver assistance system. The solution, built on the video analytics application from Israeli company Brodmann17, combines an extensive set of camera functions and a built-in application to improve the safety and efficiency of fleets.

The video camera is installed on the windshield of the car, monitors the traffic situation and sends warnings to the driver about traffic events and objects detected in the field of view of the equipment. The list of events includes collision and lane crossing warnings, pedestrian and vehicle detection. The work of a smart camera allows you to prevent accidents on the road in real time, which is extremely important for all road users. The driver receives warnings from the system for making decisions in the road conditions in which he is at the moment.
Our product is a highly efficient multifunctional solution for telematics service providers and fleets. The solution, implemented in cooperation with Brodmann17, demonstrates a giant leap forward in the intellectual development of innovative products for ensuring active road safety, in combination with a pre-integrated video analytics library provided by Brodmann17, said Andrey Mishchenko, General Director of Rhonda Software LLC.
The platform supports connection to the video cloud and wireless communication via Wi-Fi. With these features, video footage of all identified traffic events is automatically uploaded to the cloud with a 10-second buffer of video before and after the incident. With this data, fleet operators can analyze online traffic situations and driver behavior on the road.
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