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Russian developers launch mobile platform for Parkinson's patients

19 Aug '21
The digital service PN EXPERT for early detection and remote monitoring of the dynamics of the development of neurodegenerative diseases was launched in test mode by specialists of the Center of the National Technological Initiative in the direction of Neurotechnology, virtual and augmented reality technologies of the Far Eastern Federal University (NTI FEFU Center for VR/AR). The application can already be downloaded from Google Play. The project is being implemented on the basis of the FEFU Medical Center within the framework of a federal grant.

As reported in the NTI Center for VR/AR, the system was created primarily for patients with Parkinson's disease, allowing them to continuously monitor their condition, report on subtle but important changes. The development uses machine learning technologies and markerless analysis systems. The main task of the system is to select key points on the human body based on video from any camera. Key points refer to joints. The data obtained make it possible to diagnose the human musculoskeletal system, to identify various pathologies, and also to navigate when prescribing treatment.

Every day, patients in the application receive various tasks and tests that help to compose an electronic trace of the development of the disease. Users will be able to show these data to the doctor. In the near future, the service will be configured for doctors as well.
At the moment we have placed the platform in the public domain, and all interested patients can download it to their phone, register and start using it. While PN EXPERT is working in test mode and primarily collects data for training the neural network. We plan that by the beginning of September the platform will evaluate the test results and give the simplest recommendations based on them. In order for the system to start issuing complex recommendations, it is necessary to collect a large dataset, for example, there must be at least 10 thousand videos alone. This is exactly what we plan to continue to work on, to connect interested institutions and their patients to the system, said Artur Biktimirov, head of the PN EXPERT project, neurosurgeon at the FEFU Medical Center.
Experts note that the prospects for using the development go far beyond neurological diseases. For example, marker-free analysis systems can be used in orthopedics and rehabilitation medicine.

Recall that MTS joined the project to create a digital platform for analyzing Parkinson's disease. With the help of cloud technologies #CloudMTS, doctors of the FEFU Medical Center will be able to remotely observe and track changes in the health status of patients.

The NTI Competence Center in the direction of Neurotechnologies, virtual and augmented reality technologies was created at the Far Eastern Federal University in 2017 under the program of the National Technological Initiative for the development of virtual and augmented reality technologies, support of high-tech Russian developments and their integration into business projects in Russia and abroad. The center brings together most of the key players developing high-tech AR/VR projects within the Consortium for Virtual and Augmented Reality.
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