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Neuro-training device to help in post-COVID rehabilitation

3 Jun '21
The Far Eastern Federal University (NTI FEFU VR/AR) in the Primorsky Territory has joined the new project NeuroV to the InfoMedicine Reality media project of the Center of the National Technological Initiative in the direction of Neurotechnologies, Virtual and Augmented Reality Technologies. Its goal is neurorehabilitation of patients who have recovered from a new coronavirus infection.

Project leader Vladimir Konyshev shared the first results and goals for the year, and also spoke about the importance of the product during the difficult situation with the pandemic, according to the VladMedicina.ru portal.

According to the FEFU NTI Center, approximately 80% of COVID-19 patients have a need for post-COVID rehabilitation. Patients experience sleep disturbance, anxiety, irritability, impairment of memory and attention, decreased libido, suicidal thoughts and other more personalized problems: tics, numbness, panic attacks. Postform stress disorder provokes alcoholism, drug addiction, deviant behavior, often antisocial. Not everyone can get help with medication.

The neuro-trainings developed by the team are aimed primarily at combating the effects of severe stress. The NeuroV hardware and software complex is a six-channel EEG tracker (neuro-headset). Specially developed software and the author's method of psycho-training based on neurobiofeedback helps to fight the psychological consequences of COVID-19.

The course consists of 20 sessions of 3040 minutes each, during which the user learns the state of deep relaxation (rapid entry and long-term retention of a state resource for the body). The training is absolutely safe, as the alpha state is the natural state of the brain, when it relaxes and recuperates. The immersion process occurs without external help due to biological feedback - EEG, which is read by a neuro-headset. Thanks to the use of an EEG gadget, we can guarantee the objectivity of the changes occurring to the user, which he can track during each workout, monitor the progress using graphs. And also to assess his condition at the moment, the user can use psychological tests.
We believe this solution has great potential and will be useful in every home. Many acquaintances, including myself, have had the coronavirus and have experienced some of its consequences, and now we are recovering with the help of our own development, which is very pleasant and very handy, said the General Director of Neurobotics Group, ideologist and project manager NeuroV Vladimir Konyshev.
A pilot test of NeuroV for post-ovarian neurorehabilitation was carried out in the spring of 2021: 30 volunteers were divided into experimental and control groups. The trainings were held in a sanatorium, so all the participants noted improvements, but the results of the control EEG tests and psychological tests differ markedly in favor of the experimental group.

As previously reported by the VladMedicina.ru portal, within the framework of the events of the Year of Science and Technology, the FEFU NTI Center for VR/AR launched the InfoMedicine Reality media project. During 2021, in the format of a reality show, teams of scientists and developers from all over Russia will share their experience in creating products using VR technologies for medicine.

Technological teams from Russia and other countries can still join InfoMedicine Reality. To do this, you need to fill out an application, submit a development with the prospect of its implementation by the end of 2021, the FEFU press center informed.
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