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Prosthetic hands that can “feel” may hit market later this decade

17 May '22
A Moscow-based young company called Motorika has developed what they claim is a sensing prosthetic hand and earlier this year announced plans to start limited production two years from now. Their partners in the effort are Skoltech (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology) and the Vladivostok-based Far Eastern Federal University.

Research is still under way for the best possible performance of the hand that is said to soon be able to “feel” as it touches something.

The product is expected to fit both adults and teenage kids as young as eight years old, said Motorika founder and CEO Ilya Chekh.

Last December two volunteers had special electrodes temporarily implanted in their bodies and reported certain stimulation of peripheral nerves and restoration of some tactile sensations.

Certification and clinical trials may take several years.