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Ultrabot created in Russia - a new robot-disinfector

21 Jan '22
Russian scientists have created a robot to disinfect hospitals and shops. The ultrabot is completely autonomous and does not require human intervention.

Autonomous, energy-intensive and efficient - this robot can be a real lifesaver for various premises: from cafes and business centers to hospitals and kindergartens. Thanks to ultraviolet lamps, it kills more than 95% of viruses and bacteria. While remaining completely safe for people.
“It is not recommended to use the robot in rooms with people. But if suddenly a person is nearby, then the robot will not harm. It will turn off the lamps if it sees a person in the affected area,” said Ekaterina Karmanova, a trainee researcher at the Skoltech Laboratory of Intelligent Space Robotics.
The disinfection robot itself creates a map of the area and plots the best route. Autonomous work is enough for an area of ​​​​up to four thousand square meters, which takes about six hours. Such an assistant can be left to work at night, and put on charge in the morning.
“It has two lidars, laser scanners, and three depth cameras. With the help of lidars, it makes a map and can use cameras to detect people,” explained Pavel Karpyshev, a PhD student at the Skoltech Laboratory of Intelligent Space Robotics.
The robot was completely designed and assembled by Skoltech students. The development took a year and a half, another two months - the assembly of the prototype. The cost of one model is approximately 1.5 million rubles. This is four times less than existing analogues.
“We will start with an experimental batch of 10-12 pieces, we will launch in one location. Then we can put it on the conveyor and produce it ourselves,” added Pavel Karpyshev.
Now the ultrabot is being tested and tested with potential customers. In the near future, such disinfectors can be found in a variety of institutions.