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Russian software analyzes sales profitability of a Belarusian manufacturer

14 Jan '22
Belarusian beer and beverage producer Lidskoye Pivo uses the Russian platform Optimacros to analyze profitability. The project was implemented by ATOMS Consulting specialists in less than two months.

The task of determining the return on investment is non-trivial. According to CFO Tatyana Ostrovskaya, attempts were made to use software produced in Germany and Ukraine to solve it. But the results were not satisfactory for several reasons. In products focused on solving planning problems, it was difficult to present reporting with the necessary, very high level of detail, while maintaining the flexibility of the data structure. And in developments designed for reporting, it was impossible to implement complex, multi-level allocation algorithms without losing performance.

As a result, the financial department of Lidskoye Pivo OJSC drew attention to the Optimacros solution. To confirm its capabilities, ATOMS Consulting specialists implemented a pilot project to build a one-week revenue factor analysis model, after which the green light was given to the main project.

Every month, about 500 thousand records are loaded into information cubes for the cost of delivery to each outlet, about 300 thousand sales records, more than 5,000 records - turnover on IFRS accounts, about 10 thousand customers and about 400 nomenclature items. The project for the implementation of a flexible analytics system was implemented by specialists from ATOMS Consulting.

Access to Optimacros will be available to finance staff, marketers and regional sales managers.

Generated reports allow you to evaluate how justified investments in different markets, sales channels, regions, brands, etc., as well as in discounts and promotion costs.

In addition, the reports demonstrate the economic feasibility of investing in promotion and sales, for example, you can see how the investment in personnel pays off - in merchandisers, regional managers and sales agents, and in the organizational structure as a whole.

Investments in promotions are also evaluated, in particular, additional discounts in different channels, regions, networks, customers, and in trading conditions resulting from agreements on representation in retail outlets in accordance with market share and agreed planograms.
Thus, thanks to a wide range of analyzed information, we can see how successful any of our investments were, because business scaling is always a matter of investment, said Tatyana Ostrovskaya.
Information is loaded from two sources - import from the ERP system and information that users themselves add, such as adjustments or additional detail.

Reports are generated in the context of two main directories: by goods (about 600 items) and by payers/contracts (more than 5,000 contracts). The first directory groups products by brands, categories, sub-brands, container types and formats. The second one is for sales: by markets, countries, channels, regions and retail chains, and also provides details on regional representatives. Based on these directories, users have the opportunity to analyze sales performance in the context of the analysts they are interested in.

OJSC Lida Pivo plans to develop the project. In particular, the solution of the problems of factorial analysis of revenue is discussed (to assess the sources of revenue generation by various factors - the volume of regular and promotional sales, price, the structure of the product and client portfolios, regular and promotional trading conditions, the impact of volatility in the functional currency exchange rate), logistics and cost in section of finished products, raw materials, materials, packaging.

The optimization of distribution logistics tasks is also discussed.
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