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Russian drone developer goes global

3 Dec '21
The creators of the all-weather UAV SeaDrone Vyacheslav Barbasov, Mikhail Barabash and Alexey Dolgov took part in one of the largest aerospace exhibitions Dubai Airshow and the Dubai EXPO forum. Here they managed to conduct successful negotiations with foreign partners on the supply of drones and on the provision of services to foreign companies using devices created in Russia, the website of the Ministry of Industry and Trade reports.

The SeaDrone all-weather unmanned aerial vehicle project is intended for use in the extreme conditions of the Far North, sandy deserts and sea areas. It is supposed to be used for the purposes of industrial safety, the conduct of rescue operations on land and at sea, the protection of facilities, environmental monitoring, various servicing of the port infrastructure and on platforms.

During meetings with potential partners in Dubai, opportunities were found for using the apparatus in other areas. The prospects of using Russian drones to monitor the beaches and coastal areas of the largest hotels in the UAE for the safety of vacationers aroused great interest.

In the outlined success of the project, young inventors highly appreciate the support provided to novice engineers and innovators. Festival By Screws! and its industrial partners - the Russian Helicopters holding and the United Shipbuilding Corporation.
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