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Facial and gesture recognition software developer raises investment

15 Sep '21
Tridivi (3DiVi) develops technologies for body and face tracking for the Internet of Things, video surveillance, robotics and biometrics.

The venture fund of the National Technology Initiative managed by the investment company Kama Flow became the investor of 3DiVi, the participants in the transaction told vc.ru. The parties do not disclose its conditions and the assessment of the startup.

3DiVi was created in 2011 by Dmitry Morozov, Andrey Valik and Pavel Zaitsev. Offices are located in California and Chelyabinsk.

The investment will help 3DiVi quickly complete development, strengthen its competitive edge and scale its products for the global IT market. According to IDC analysts, in 2024 the artificial intelligence market will be $ 554.3 billion, with an average annual growth of 17.5%. In the five-year perspective, we will see an increase in confidence in AI-based technologies, a willingness to apply them in practice in many spheres of life.
Oleg Teplov, CEO of VEB Ventures: According to Crunchbase, before that the startup attracted investments only in 2012 - $ 2.7 million. and Crunchbase lists the founders' funds.
The financial indicators in 3DiVi are not disclosed, but they note that more than half of its revenue comes from international partnerships. The company's website indicates that the research is carried out by Tridivi LLC. According to Kontur.Fokus, its revenue in 2020 amounted to 42.2 million rubles, net profit - 27.1 million rubles.

Zaitsev owns 32.4% of the company, it follows from the system data. Morozov - 22%, Valik - 9.5%. Among the other largest co-owners is Addis LLC (32.4%). This is the legal entity of the provider of biometric solutions Papilon. Initially Tridivi appeared as a daughter of this company, explained in the startup, and received the first investment from the parent structure.

What the company does

Among the products listed on the site - SDK for face recognition, motion and gesture recognition, anonymous video analytics on the face. For example, in retail, video analytics of customer behavior allows you to monitor queues and analyze their movements, as well as collect demographic data, the company explained.

In industry, control workers' access using biometrics and the execution of transactions. For example, they check the availability of overalls and compliance with safety measures, visually control the quality of products.

In transport, face recognition and determination of the number of people are used to analyze passenger traffic, search for offenders, monitor the actions and condition of the driver using computer vision.

Investments 3DiVi will spend on the revision and commercialization of one of its products - a low-code platform for human tracking based on computer vision technologies. It allows you to create services for the recognition and analysis of human behavior without the involvement of IT specialists.
Dmitry Morozov, co-founder of 3DiVi: An important strategic step for us is the creation of a platform, the transition from selling SDK to a service model of offering our technologies, which, due to easy-to-integrate low-code tools, will significantly reduce the time and cost of computer vision projects to analyze human actions.
The company has over 100 clients, including Rostelecom, LG, 3D sensor manufacturer Orbbec and others. The cost of licenses - from hundreds of dollars for individual developers to hundreds of thousands of dollars for corporate customers, specified in VEB Ventures.

The company's competitors are called Ntechlab, which launched its face recognition system in Moscow, the Russian face recognition system VisionLabs with investments from Sber, Xnor (in 2020, the startup was bought by Apple) and others. 3DiVi solutions are distinguished by the optimization of all algorithms for end devices, which allows deploying solutions even without powerful processors, the company says.
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