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Developer uses robotic approach in cancer treatment

3 Dec '20
The head of the investment company Euroinvest Andrey Berezin and the venture fund EuroVenture founded by him have invested in the creation of a unique device for the treatment of cancer, developed by St. Petersburg scientists and doctors.

In November, this device was presented to the general public at the Russian Industrialist 2020 international forum.

A medical robotic complex for the treatment of lung cancer using X-ray radiation was created by a consortium, which, in addition to the EuroVenture fund, includes: Clinical Hospital No. 122 named after L.G. Sokolova, JSC Svetlana-Rentgen, St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University LETI, ZAO ELTECH-Med (Technopark LETI), Central Research Institute of RTK (Robotics and technical cybernetics) and the MRobot development team.
At this stage, the creation of this innovative medical device for the treatment of oncological diseases is a priority for our fund, says Andrey Berezin, head of the Euroinvest investment company and founder of the EuroVenture fund. In the near future, it will be handed over to the doctors of the 122nd Hospital for the beginning of its preclinical and clinical trials.
According to one of the project's ideologists - the chief thoracic surgeon of St. Petersburg, head of the Center for Thoracic Surgery ( surgery of the chest organs) KB No. 122 Vadim Pishchik The uniqueness of the development lies in the fact that it can be used during an operation - the surgeon will be able to combine the removal of a malignant tumor with radiation therapy of the surrounding tissues.
The robot, thanks to well-thought-out control and safety systems, physical and software interfaces, is easily controlled and allows the operation to be carried out in an automatic mode. The application of this approach will allow us to approach the solution of the acute problem of the number of deaths from lung cancer, from which more than 2 million people died worldwide in 2018 alone, explains Vadim Pishchik.
In turn, the head of the department of electronic devices and devices LETI and the head of the company ELTECH-Med Nikolay Potrakhov, as well as the general director of JSC Svetlana-roentgen Nikolay Kulikov noted that the unique technical solution implemented during the creation of the device, and most importantly mastered The technology for the production of monoblock systems for low-voltage X-ray radiation opens up broad prospects for the early introduction of this method into clinical practice. As the developers note, they managed to implement a platform solution that allows using other, equally effective methods of treating cancer for other localizations (organs and parts of the human body), such as, for example, photodynamic therapy.

According to preliminary estimates, the future sales market for this new device (only in Russia, as well as the CIS countries, India and China) is estimated at almost $ 0.5 billion. In general (according to a market research of the Research and Markets analytical agency) by 2023 the world equipment market for radiation therapy after surgery is estimated at $ 3.2 billion. With the estimated market price of $ 500 thousand by the developers, the domestic robotic X-ray complex will be three times cheaper than the closest Western analogue offered for $ 1.5 million, which, of course, makes it competitive in foreign markets.
After receiving all the necessary certificates, we will consider options for the industrial production of this device. Taking into account the fact that it is based on a unique X-ray tube created by Svetlana-Rentgen specialists, it is possible to assemble this medical complex at the site of the Svetlana plant, - Roman Romanyuk, chairman of the board of the EuroVenture fund, shares his plans. - The preliminary volume of investments in the creation of production and sales of this X-ray complex is estimated at 200 million rubles. And most likely in this direction the Fund will already find partners and co-investors, possibly even in the form of a public-private partnership. If we talk about new projects of the Fund, then the situation with the pandemic this year has shown that medical developments remain extremely relevant. So the field of medical electronics remains the focus of our foundation.

The importance of this project is not only in the creation of an innovative product, but also in the fact that due to its entry into the Russian and foreign markets, St. Petersburg will receive a full-fledged production site with new jobs on the basis of the St. Petersburg enterprise Svetlana, where key production and software programs will be concentrated. technologies of a new level, - Andrey Berezin notes.
The nearest plans of the consortium are preparation and carrying out of preclinical tests, creation of a serial sample, preparation of production, obtaining a registration certificate and launching products on the markets.
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