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GSM and LTE enable remote health monitoring

30 Nov '20
MegaFon, one of Russiaís leading mobile operators, earlier this year introduced its proprietary digital service for remote health status monitoring.

The new service reportedly enables medical facilities across the country to launch across-the-board telemedicine projects with medical instruments that are capable of transmitting diagnostics data all on their own.

The project provides a system for hypertension patients, making it possible to monitor oneís blood pressure and pulse rate. The mobile operator is reported to have plans to integrate its platform with medical information systems at government-owned and commercial clinics.

The solution looks like a standard blood pressure gauge that can transfer patientís data via a cellular network or Bluetooth, sending it out to a cloud platform to be stored in a de-personalized format, and itís only the patientís physician that can get access to the patientís personal information. For medical facilities, access to the platform is subscription based.