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Russian drug against COVID-19 approved by federal healthcare watchdog

2 Jun '20
The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation issued a registration certificate for the first drug in Russia against COVID-19 - Avifavir from a resident of the Skolkovo Fund, Kromis.

Avifavir (the active ingredient Favipiravir) is the first Russian direct antiviral drug that violates the reproduction mechanisms of coronavirus.

Favipiravir has been fairly well studied since in 2014, under the name Avigan, it has been used in Japan against severe forms of influenza. The development of the method of synthesis of the Russian molecule and the preclinical trials of Avifavir were carried out by Kromis with the grant support of the Skolkovo Foundation.
“It is difficult to overestimate the significance for all of us of the creation by the Skolkovo Foundation resident - Kromis - of the Avifavir drug,” said Arkady Dvorkovich, chairman of the Skolkovo Foundation. “I would like to note such a quick return on joint work with the Russian Direct Investment Fund and the KhimRar group of companies that are the founders of Kromis. The Skolkovo Foundation allocated Kromis, which has been a Skolkovo resident since 2016, free of charge for the development of an innovative method for the synthesis of the active substance and for preclinical studies of the drug. Approved by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, a drug so necessary to defeat a pandemic will be able to help patients in the near future. For Skolkovo, for all of us this event is of great importance. ”
According to the director general of HimRar Pharma Elena Yakubova, the situation with the coronavirus epidemic in the country showed everyone how important it is to have our own innovative pharmaceuticals, and which of the state tools to support innovation are able to quickly adapt in a crisis situation and make important decisions.
“Together with the RDIF and MPT, the Skolkovo Foundation promptly responded and supported the research part of our project, which allowed us to parallelize the processes of choosing the optimal schemes for the synthesis of substances and accelerate preclinical studies of Avifavir,” said Elena Yakubova . “This, in turn, allowed us to launch a clinical trial of the drug in record time and patient access to effective treatment at medical centers in Russia.”
To date, residents of the Skolkovo Foundation have presented about 130 developments to minimize and overcome the consequences caused by the spread of coronavirus infection. The Skolkovo Foundation has compiled a catalog of the best domestic solutions for the pandemic period in the special section of its website STOP COVID-19.
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