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Russian-made disinfectant posts against coronavirus

28 May '20
Genesis engineering company, specializing in modular building facades, managed to find a new niche in the background of the coronavirus pandemic. This resident of the Skolkovo Foundation’s energy-efficient technology cluster offers the market mobile disinfecting posts designed to stop the spread of viruses.

The DI-POST mobile disinfecting post is installed at the entrances to buildings and premises, Gen.ru reported to Sk.ru. The device disinfects outer clothing and exposed skin of a person using highly dispersed liquid antiseptic agents. In addition, the device allows for non-contact measurement of human temperature.

Depending on the model, the posts are installed both on the street and indoors. The manufacturer recommends them for use in public places, for example, in shopping centers, airports, train stations, in medical and educational institutions, in office centers.

The capacity of one disinfection station is up to 200 people per hour. If this indicator needs to be increased, it is fashionable to place several devices nearby.

At the entrance to the cabin, a motion sensor is triggered and automatically turns on the dry fog generation system. Disinfection is carried out with a finely divided composition (2-4 microns) in the form of dry fog formed on the basis of antiseptic solutions.

In the DI-POST dry fog generator system, only solutions with a concentration according to MPC according to GOST 12.1.007-76 are used and comply with SanPiN 3.5.2528-09, which are safe for humans not leaving marks on clothing.

For most participants of the Skolkovo Foundation, the history of Genesis can be a great example of how, in a very short time, you can not only carry out relevant research and development, but also bring a new class of products to the market, says Yuri Khakhanov, director of acceleration in the direction “Urban technologies” of the Fund’s energy-efficient cluster.
“The main activity of Genesis was the development and production of modular building facades. However, when all construction work in Moscow was suspended, the company was almost on the verge of closure. Having directed the efforts of its developers to create a new disinfection system, Genesis not only managed to keep the team, but also created a new product that is relevant to the market. Currently, when construction is resumed, Genesis will commercialize two of its projects at once: facade modules and disinfection systems. The Skolkovo Fund will continue to provide comprehensive support to the company, ”Yuri Khakhanov assured in an interview with Sk.ru.
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