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Scientists create ultrahigh-temperature material

8 Oct '20
Material science researchers at the MISiS University in Moscow earlier this year synthesized a new compound with what appears to be a record high melting point. The novel material is called nonstoichiometric hafnium carbonitride.

The team has yet to find a way of measuring the temperature with accuracy, but it is already proven to be higher than that of hafnium carbide, the top refractory substance known today.

It has been computationally shown that the new substances melting point may pierce what is currently believed to be an insurmountable ceiling of 4,000C. The research results as of now have been published in English in Ceramics International.

As the project unfolds, the developers have plans to put an end to the uncertainty by applying high-temperature laser or electrical pyrometry, and also look further into the stability of the novel material in hypersonic conditions, a prerequisite for its possible use in the aerospace sector.
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