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Moscow start-ups work on ‘smart’ bracelet for health and for business

23 Jun '15
Karfidov Lab, a spin-off company of MISiS, a leading technology university in Moscow, has formed a partnership with Cloud Personal Safety (CPS), a Russian developer of ‘smart’ wearables, to make bracelets to monitor health conditions and optimize business processes, the MISiS website announced.

At the inception phase of their project, Karfidov Lab is expected to make for its partner a ‘test-bench’ to test new ICs, a way of dramatically shortening the time of testing this key component of their future device. That completed, the MISiS spin-off will join in design work for a series of wearable gadgets.

The wearables CPS has been developing so far are designed to analyze the physical activity of a user, recognize and track movements, call emergency help, or give access to a room or certain data.

Karfidov Lab suggests that their new joint product, bracelets, be built as infrastructure into corporate business processes to optimize logistics and identify and monitor various parameters, depending on each customer’s specific field of operation.

“Wearable devices can help us solve a wide range of problems. For example, the monitoring of fundamental bodily metrics such as pulse, blood pressure or blood oxygenation could be applied to a variety of situations. These include services to patients at clinics; monitoring of the health conditions of the elderly living separately from their relatives; anticipation of possible cardiac conditions being developed in people who consider themselves healthy; motivation for a company’s personnel to lead a more active life; etc.,” said Karfidov Lab CEO Alexei Karfidov in a comment on the prospects of their joint effort.

It is expected that the collaboration will enable the two Russian start-ups to bring their ‘smart’ wearable bracelets to market later this year already.
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