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Russian engine developer pushes next gen rocket fuel

22 Apr '13
NPO Energomash, a Russian and international leader in liquid-propellant rocket engine design, is seeking an up to $1m grant from Russia’s Skolkovo Foundation to keep developing its Acetam, a next gen fuel for Russian rockets, news agency RIA Novosti reports citing Anatoly Likhvantsev, the CEO of NPO Energomash.

The Acetam is said to be an efficient and eco-friendly pure rocket fuel containing highly concentrated liquefied ammonia based acetylene solution.

This will be a second grant from the Foundation to the Russian company located in the town of Khimki just outside Moscow. The first grant was approved a year ago. “From then on, we will be funding the project ourselves and raising external investments,” Mr. Likhvantsev said.

In a similar bid to develop a new type of fuel, NASA has held a tender for an alternative for highly toxic hydrazine widely used in rocket fuels. A hefty $45m grant came to a group of engineers at Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation, who are now expected to team up with Aerojet Corporation, a few US Air Force research labs and two NASA space centers to develop an efficient ‘green’ fuel within three years.
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Locations: Khimki; Moscow

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