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Russians learn tech monetization in Israel

21 Nov '12
As innovation news portal Venture Business News reports, a group of forty Russian scientists is taking a week of on-the-job training in hi-tech project commercialization in Israels Ariel University. This educational institution in Israels region of Samaria was upgraded just two months ago from a university center to the status of a full-fledged university, and is generally referred to in Russia as the Israeli analog of Skolkovo, Russias largest state-sponsored innovation hub outside Moscow.

The on-the-job training has been reportedly orchestrated by the local Israel-Skolkovo Gateway center and Russias Skolkovo Foundation.

According to Vitaly Vishnepolsky, one of the Israel-Skolkovo Gateway managers, the Russians have already visited the Technion Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa and University of Tel-Aviv, and joined a closed seminar conducted as part of the International Entrepreneurship Week.

The Russian colleagues at Skolkovo are very interested in having their scientists learn in Israel how to monetize their inventions, Mr. Vizhnepolsky said.
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